Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liberation Tea & Anti-Oppressive Practice Skills Group

Are you a justice seeker who would like more tools, support, community, and mentorship in your anti-oppressive humyn service work?  Beginning this August, Social Work Activists and Educators, Heather Horizon Greene and Sheila Walker will be anchoring a monthly gathering for Portland-based social workers (and other humyn service workers) to meet in supportive community  with the opportunity to learn, practice and develop different skills and tools in justice-centered practice.  We’ll offer tea, community and a safe, supportive space to share and grow in our practice.  Each month we plan to explore a different area of anti-oppressive social work, offering relevant, useful and meaningful tools to support our work.  The Liberation Tea & Anti-Oppressive Skills group will meet monthly for 1.5 hours.  Energy exchange will be $10 with a commitment to having this community be physically and financially accessible to all who feel called to participate.

Your Feedback Requested: Liberation Tea will meet monthly at the very beautiful Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton.  We will likely be meeting either Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday evening—we would love your active feedback about a weekend day/time  that would work best for you; please let us know if you have a preference by emailing:  We would also love to hear from you if this group interests you and we’re very open to hearing about the areas of your practice you would most want support around.

About the Skills Group: Those of us committed to a justice-based practice acknowledge that traditional social work systems, policies and interventions can and do contribute to the perpetuation of inequality. In light of this understanding, we strive to actualize our persynal and professional commitment to co-creating meaningful healing in all communities, and aspire to utilize social work tools and interventions in ways that minimize, interrupt and dismantle oppression. This ongoing community skills group offers the opportunity for folks to deepen their understanding of, and skill with, the tools of anti-oppressive humyn service work: sharpening ourselves as tools of justice, anti-oppressive language (using language to shift consciousness), intentional communication, radical theories and culturally diverse wisdom that brings justice to the center of our work, deconstructionism and consciousness raising, critical dialogue, activism, embodiment, power-with, justice centered mentorship, peer supervision/allyship, self-reflection,  an evolving understanding of justice, oppression and privilege (and  our relationship with them)…and much more.  Skillful use of these tools is a direct way for humyn service workers to actively co-create justice, challenge injustice and ultimately support the crucial, imperative work of transformation and liberation so deeply needed in our world.