Friday, April 13, 2012

Call for Contributions

Can you imagine your humyn service practice as a tool of liberation? 
The Social Work Activist Reader is now accepting contributions for publication of our summer zine! Articles are sought in diverse areas of social work and humyn service that strengthen our vision and skill with social work activism and justice-centered, anti-oppressive practice—art, poetry and dreams also welcome. The Social Work Activist Reader is a welcoming, consciousness raising, holistic community forum for exploring justice, and our vision for humyn service work, through the lens of justice. All are welcome to participate, please simply have commitment to justice, equality and anti-oppression, a willingness to be a critical thinker (and encourage critical thinking!), a commitment to growing in your work and developing your skills, and have the intention of sharing something that will support our growth as a community of justice weavers.

Just a little reminder on submission guidelines (to be included with your offering):

Authoring Your Change
Please include the following when you make your submission:
1) your name as you would like to be known
2) email address (which I would like to include in the publication)
3) website, if you have one, to direct readers to know more about your work/practice
4) location (I want to show the diversity of where we live, also for publication)
5) title of your submission
6) word count--up to 1000 words 

To offer submissions, be added to the SWAR distribution list, or otherwise connect, email  Submissions for the summer zine will be accepted through June 20th, 2012. 

p.s. I am naming a request for community financial support.  The Social Work Activist Reader is a grass-roots, community based project, manifested solely through the volunteer efforts, intentions and activism of our community of humyn service justice weavers. I have a dream of bringing more art (and artistic sparkle!) to the zine and am raising funds to support this vision. If you feel able to contribute, please make an offering either through my PayPal link on or you send it to directly through PayPal.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

are you getting all the glory?

While all zine articles are published here, the zine is most awesome in its full electronic (pdf) glory. I publish it twice a year. If you'd like to be on the direct distribution list (highly recommended!) shoot me an email at I also publish the pdf on .