Friday, November 9, 2012

Hope: Your Mission

Today. You. Can. Find. Out. Where. Hope. Lives. Inside. Of. You. And. Breathe. That. Knowledge. Into. Your. Life. To. Share. With. Pie.**

In October Liberation Tea we talked about hope as a tool of liberation, and something we all need in order to have our practice be sustainable, and so that we can be strong, effective practitioners of hope and justice.

Change Agents, I am assigning you a mission of hope. You have 48 hours to complete these tasks (and a life time of opportunities to continue practicing)**

     * Take 5 minutes to breathe deeply and intentionally. Notice how you feel before and after. Set a timer. Would you then be willing to use your breath to ground and center yourself?  (There are many ways we can work on being present and connecting to our work and the world, breath is one of many).

     * Watch this video: (This is a mobile link, you can also search you tube for: Never Give Up, Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!). Answer the questions: what  in your life inspires you? What gives you hope?

     * Make a list of things you are grateful for. Make some space in your life for those things.

     * Make eye contact with someone. Smile.

     * Walk around the block.

     * Sit with someone who is hurting. Hold space. Witness. Breathe. Don't try to fix it. Honor their journey and your own.

     * Do something that makes you feel alive!  How does this support your practice?

**If you're curious about how these stories are related to liberation, come to the next Liberation Tea and Anti-Oppressive Practice Skills on 11/24 at Heartsong Yoga from 2-3:30pm.

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