Thursday, November 17, 2011

Authoring Your Change

Just a little reminder on submission guidelines (to be included with your offering):

Authoring Your Change: Submission Guidelines
Please include the following when you make your submission:
1) your name as you would like to be known
2) email address (which I would like to include in the publication)

3) website, if you have one, to direct readers to know more about your work/practice
4) location (I want to show the diversity of where we live, also for publication)
5) title of your submission

6) word count--up to 1000 words 

Consider offering your writing, art, poetry, pictures and dreams--anything around your vision of justice. I would most love folks to share the things that are most unique to your vision of how you see change manifesting.  My vision of this work is to have it be an open, holistic community forum for exploring justice, and our vision for humyn service work through a justice lens. All are welcome to participate, please simply have commitment to justice and equality, a willingness to be a critical thinker (and encourage critical thinking), a commitment to growing in your work and skills, and have the intention of sharing something that will support our growth as a community of justice weavers.

submissions can be emailed to:


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