Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SWAR Submission Guidelines

Dear SWAR contributors,

I want to start with a check in to acknowledge the delay in getting back to some of you. Part of that has been a move, part of that has been collecting my thoughts about how to structure this work. I have had some really great interest in the zine/blog, which is really exciting! Its so heart-warming to know that we have allies all over who are committed to, and are already doing, this work in different ways. There has been some great community support, in addition to folks wanting to offer submissions, and it's so great (and important!) to be connecting to folks who share this commitment to justice in our practice.

I've had some time to collect my thoughts and set some parameters around submissions.  I hope the clarity will help. I think a fair disclaimer would be that as SWAR evolves, these parameters might change, but here's what I would like for current submissions. Please note the submission deadline for the zine is June 21st.

I will consider articles 1000 words or less for the zine. Those over 1000 are eligible for the blog.  (I would ultimately like zine articles to be posted on the blog as well for the best accessibility). The zine format will be electronic for the time being, and we'll see what interest/feasibility is about a paper publication in the future, though I'm not sure about this yet.

Submission Guidelines
Please include the following when you make your submission:
1) full name
2) email address (which I would like to include in the publication, let me know if this is a barrier)
3) location (I want to show the diversity of where we live, also for publication)
4) title of article
5) word count

If you have already submitted an article, I will still want this information to proceed with publication. If you submitted an article that is over 1000 words, and would like to re-submit a shorter version for the zine, please make this submission by the summer deadline of June 21st.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can clarify anything. I look forward to creating this vision with you and thank you all for your service work and activism in our communities.


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  1. I just wanted to say hello, and that I am pretty much out of techo-land while in South Africa. I am still desirous of being involved in this work, and also, sharing some of what I have learned here on this visit.